Certified Safety Instructor Master Level

WSO Certified Safety Instructor Master Level (WSO-CSI -ML) is highest level of certification requires demonstrated proficiency in program development, presentation, media choice, points for documentation and paper publishing, and continuity.

Certification Requirements: An applicant must be

  • a  current WSO Affiliate Member, Click here to learn how to become an Affiliate Member
  • be of good moral character,
  • meet application requirements,
  • satisfy the educational and experience criteria,
  • pay the required fee.
  • pass the written exam

All applications for certification shall be on forms prescribed and furnished by the Board. Processing shall conform with procedures prescribed by the Board.

An application package must contain the following:

  • Candidate, seeking certification as a Certified Safety Instructor (any level) must have at least five years of verifiable experience in the field of occupational Safety and Health, Environmental Safety and Health, or specialized allied area, i.e Nuclear Safety, Emergency Response, Aviation Safety, Vehicular/Fleet Safety, Ergonomics, Industrial Hygiene, Emergency Management, Maritime Safety, Hazardous Materials Management, Industrial Safety, Chemical Safety, Process Safety Management, Systems Safety, Product Safety, Construction Safety, etc.
  • Professional recommendations by at least 2 supervisory personnel and 2 persons who have received training from the certification applicant.
  • Skills demonstration as verified by personal presentation and a video presentation judged appropriately by a Verification Committee consisting of at least three WSO members holding academic degrees, a professional certification and recognized by the Certification Board as having personal skills and demonstrated proficiency in the area of student training and program development.
  • Require classroom instruction, passing (a score of 75% or better) of a written examination similar to those currently in use for professional certification and demonstrated proficiency in an approved Project Presentation.
  • The Master Level requires a graded program proposal, acceptance and development, coupled with a performance presenta-tion at an annual WSO Conference. An overall score of 80% from the review panel is required for certification