Technician Certifications

Certified Safety Technician, WSO-CST:

WSO-CST is an entry level designation for specialists in safety related disciplines, i.e.: fire science, industrial hygiene, occupa-tional safety and health, nuclear safety, loss control, etc. (This designation is not a prerequisite for other WSO professional certifications)

Certified Hazardous Materials Technician Level I, WSO-CHMT I:

Completion of a training program of approximately 30 to 40 hours in the following general areas:

  • Introduction to hazardous materials
  • Recognition, identification and classification of hazardous materials.
  • Safety consideration in working with hazardous materials.
  • Procedures of incident response to hazardous materials.
  • Control methods, agents and material usage in hazardous materials handling or incidents.
  • Successfully completed 6 months field work covering all of the above.

Certified Hazardous Materials Technician Level II, WSO-CHMT II:

Successfully completed the Level I program or its equivalent and served a 6 months internship working in a hazardous materi-als program. Completion of an advanced level training program of approximately 140 to 150 hours in the following general areas:

  • Basic Chemistry.
  • Basic Toxicology.
  • Elements of operation and incident management.
  • Theory of chemical elements, mixture, compounds, solutions and other variations.
  • Physical and chemical characteristics of the following hazardous material types: Combustible, explosive, toxic and flammable.
  • Methods of control, containment, and handling of hazardous materials.
  • Detection of hazardous materials.
  • Storage, patching and repair of containers.
  • Herbicides, pesticides and farm chemicals.
  • Protective clothing and equipment decontaminations materials.
  • Procedures for handling the following hazardous materials incidents: Fixed facility, marine, rail, vehicular, pipeline, tank, clandestine labs, nuclear.