WSO–Certified Hazardous Materials Supervisor, WSO-CHMS

Objective: Provide evaluation of the professional knowledge, skills and expertise of an individual who will supervise the storage and handling of hazardous materials/waste and/or be responsible for the operations of two or more emergency response teams capable of responding to single or multiple hazardous materials incidents, or provides supervision of stor-age/handling of hazardous materials.


Certification Requirements: An applicant must be

  1. a current WSO Affiliate Member
  2. be of good moral character,
  3. meet application requirements,
  4. satisfy the educational and experience criteria,
  5. pay the required fees.
  6. pass the written exam

All applications for certification shall be on forms prescribed and furnished by the Board. Processing shall conform with procedures prescribed by the Board.

Requirements for International Certification:
Successfully completed Levels I and II or their equivalent plus serving at least one year in a hazardous materials response or operations program. Completion of an advanced level training program of approximately 40 to 60 hours in the following general areas:

  • Hazardous materials regulation to include EPA, DOT, OSHA,
  • FEMA and other pertinent agencies
  • Incident reports and communications
  • Evaluation of programs and procedures
  • Incident/emergency pre-planning
  • Incident site command
  • Resources for incident aid and assistance
  • Recording and documentation procedures
  • Purchasing sources and practices
  • Storage and handling of hazardous materials
  • Principles of safety management
  • Safety personnel management
  • Organization and structuring of safety departments
  • Supervision of hazardous materials operations