The WSO Board

The Board of Directors for WSO Vietnam is comprised of the General Director, the Secretary, the Treasure and a team of Division Directors.


The WSO Vietnam Team

Binh Pham, M.S, CMIOSH

WSO VN Director

Binh Pham graduated from Columbia Southern University, Alabama, USA with a master degree in Occupational Health Safety and Environmental  Management in 2013. He has started his safety career since 2000 in various industries such as construction, electric power, manufacturing and oil and gas etc with different positions in the HSE team. He was HSE trainer for McConnell Dowell; HSE Advisor for BP; HSE Manager for Royal Dutch Shell and OIMS Advisor for ExxonMobil etc. Binh holds several international safety membership and certifications. He is the Chartered Member by IOSH (UK), Fellow Member by IIRSM (UK), WSO Affiliate Member and WSO Certified Safety Instructor by World Safety Organization, USA, Registeed Safety Professional by IBOEHS, USA and Licenced Safety Professional by INASP, USA etc. Binh is also an active player in doing social work in several NPO and NGO. He is the Director of World Safety Organization (WSO) National Office for Vietnam and is in a position of the Interim President of Vietnamese Industrial Hygiene Association (VIHA).  VIHA is currently the Organizational Member of Asian of Network Occupational Hygiene (ANOH) and Organizational Member of International Occupational Hygiene Association (IOHA)

Tran Sieu Cuong, MBA

WSO VN Board of Director

Cuong Tran has been qualified in management systems including occupational health, safety, quality and environment since 2001 and held various roles in organization he has worked for such as consultant, trainer, auditor and HSE practitioner in variety of industries including construction, manufacturing and service provider. Cuong has a master degree in business administration by the Solvay Business School of Belgium. This insight qualification has supported him to enhance his 10 years of experience in HSE his career. With over 10 years of hand-on experience, Cuong will make great contribution to grow WSO Vietnam and to inspire safety career development for his followers.

Mai Ly, B.Eng

WSO VN Board of Director

Ly obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Engineering and Technology at Ton Duc Thang University. His professional life has kicked start since 2015 and he has consistently pursued a future of becoming a leader in CSR field. Ly is a diligent and competent auditor in EHS, Social and Supply Chain Security, Holding the role of a consultant offers him hands-on experience in Fire Risk Safety and in the arena of Safety study as QRA, HAZOP, HAZID, Safety Cases, Emergency training and Exercises. His favorite quote is "when you truly want something all the universe will conspire in helping you achieve it" - The Alchemist.

Adrian Estes, PhD, RN, RSP

Director (International)

Adrian Estes is PhD in Safety Management with over 25 years experience in training occupational health and safety for various industries. He is based in USA and he also covers Asian countries. He is Registered Safety Professional (RSP) by IBOEHS, USA and also the US Registered Nurse (RN). He has many years in servicing in the field of health care. He has been with CTSafe since 2010 as one of key trainers for IBOEHS and OSHA courses such as registrered safety courses lile RSO, RSM and RSP and OSHA standard based courses like OSHA 10 hrs construction and general industry, OSHA 30 hrs construction and general industry etc.

The Board's duties:

  • Determine the WSO Vietnam (as stated WSO VN)'s mission and purpose.
  • Comply with the activities approved at the annual meetings.
  • Ensure an orderly and effective transition of duties and management of change of the WSO VN.
  • Monitor the WSO VN's services and programs.
  • As feasible, conduct speaking engagements (both getting engagements & doing the actual speaking).
  • Enhance the WSO VN's public image.
  • Make decisions in the best interest of the nonprofit corporation; not in his or her self-interest.
  • Determine the values to be promoted throughout the WSO VN.
  • Review WSO VN's policies, strategy, vision, mission, and values statements.
  • Ensure adequate resources and manage resources effectively.
  • Organize the annual meetings and other public training.
  • Provide oversight for all activities that advance the nonprofit’s effectiveness and sustainability.
  • Work with WSO Management Center in USA.
  • Proctor exams of WSO professional certifications in Vietnam.
  • Promote and guide applicants who want to take WSO certifications.
  • Promote WSO Membership.
  • Present annual performance of WSO VN.
  • Present program activities in the next year.