Types of WSO Members

Student Members

Associate Members

Affiliate Members

Institutional Members

Corporate Members

Types of Members

Membership in the World Safety Organization is open to all individuals and entities involved in the safety and accident preven-tion field, regardless of race, color, creed, ideology, religion, social status, sex, or political beliefs. Memberships categories are as follows:


Student member: The Student Membership category is available for any student in middle or high school (grades 6-12) or enrolled full time (12+ hours per semester/term) in a college/university undergraduate or graduate/postgraduate degree program. There is no cost associated with the WSO Student Membership as long as the member provides annual documentation of full-time student status.

Associate Member: Individuals connected with the safety and accident prevention in their work or are interested in the safety field (including students, interested citizens, etc.).

Affiliate Member: Safety, hazard, risk, loss and accident prevention practitioners performing full time activities in these fields. Only Affiliate Members are eligible for the WSO Certification and Registration Program. Affiliate Members are those persons who are full time practitioners in the safety field.

Institutional Member: Organizations, corporations, agencies, and other entities directly or indirectly involved in safety activi-ties and other related fields with an interest in these activities.

Corporate Member: Individuals, companies, corporations, organizations, or other entities and selected groups in-terested in the international effort to “Make Safety A Way Of Life...Worldwide.”

WSO Members are full time professionals, executives, directors, etc., working in the safety field as safety directors, university professors, private consultants, expert witnesses, researchers, safety managers, directors of training, etc. They are employees of multinational corporations, local industries, private enterprises, governments, educational institutions, foundations, etc. Only WSO Affiliate Members are voting members in the World Safety Organization.