The Functions of WSO

  • The WSO publishes WSO News-Letters and WSO Journals.
  • The WSO publishes the “WSO Consultants Directory” as a service to its Certified Members and to the professional community. Only WSO Certified Members may be listed.
  • The WSO collects data on the professional skills, expertise and experience of its members in the WSO Expertise Bank for reference when a request is received for professional expertise, skill, experience.
  • The WSO provides a network program linking various areas of professional expertise needed in today’s international community.
  • The WSO develops training programs essential to national and international safety and establishes centers to support these programs.
  • The WSO Awards program is implemented annually at the WSO International Professional Conferences, Symposiums, or Congresses.
  • The WSO provides recognition for safety publications, films, videos and other training and media materials.
  • The WSO receives proposals from professional safety groups/societies for review and if applicable, submits them to the United Nations for adoption.
  • The WSO establishes and supports divisions and committees to assist members in maintaining and updating their professional qualifications and expertise.
  • The WSO Chapters are located throughout the U.S.A. and around the world, to provide contact with the local communities, educational and industrial entities.
  • The WSO organizes and provides professional support for international and national groups of experts on all continents who are available to provide expertise and immediate help in times of emergencies.